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        HealthCare Practice Banking

        Tailored solutions from our team of dedicated healthcare practice banking specialists.

        Questions?Ask a Citizen.

        For Your Practice

        The first step to running a successful practice is make sure you have the basics covered—from access to financing, to the right checking account, to cash management tools. Here’s how we can help.

        Healthcare Practice Financing

        Address both your short-term working capital needs and your long-term investments with up to 100% financing options and up to 10-year terms. If you’d like to discuss tailored financing solutions for your practices, schedule a consultation.

        • Term Loan
          Refinance existing debt. Finance permanent working capital; practice acquisitions, relocations, and expansions; practice startups (dental only); or equipment.
        • Line of Credit
          Manage cash flow and fund short-term expenses.
        • Business/Equipment Flex Loan
          Purchase multiple assets such as equipment, furniture, and computers over time with a single loan.
        • Commercial Mortgage
          Purchase or refinance owner-occupied commercial real estate. SBA options are available.

        Business Checking

        Our business checking accounts include a wealth of tools and services designed to meet the financial needs of your practices. Schedule a consultation or call us at 1-800-4BUSINESS to open an account for your practice.

        • Online and Mobile Banking*
          Manage your accounts and deposit checks from virtually anywhere with Citizens Bank Mobile Deposit®.
        • Remote Deposit
          Reduce prep time, save trips to the bank, and get quicker access to funds with E-Z Deposit® desktop check deposit service.
        • Overdraft Protection Plans
          Protect your business by preventing overdrafts and related fees.

        Business Credit Card

        Our Everyday Points®Mastercard® offers a convenient and secure way to make business purchases, track expenses, and manage cash flow. And now you can earn 50,000 bonus points when you spend $5,000 within the first 90 days from account opening, worth roughly $250 in rewards***. Use rewards to book travel, get cash back into your checking account or select gift cards or merchandise.

        Merchant Services

        Offer your clients credit or debit card payment options with Citizens Bank Merchant Services, and you’ll be credited with their payments within 24 hours.

        We will help you protect your customers–and your company–by complying with industry standards. Our full-service security program helps you assess and validate compliance with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

        Payroll Services**

        Streamline the management of your practice with services like timely, accurate payroll processing and tax administration through Paychex®.

        Our healthcare specialists are here for you.

        If you’d like to discuss your practice’s needs, schedule a consultation or call 1-800-4BUSINESS.

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