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        HealthCare Practice Banking

        Tailored solutions from our team of dedicated HealthCare Practice banking specialists.

        Questions?Ask a Citizen.

        For You

        As the owner of a healthcare practice that banks with us, you will also have access to a suite of personal benefits.

        Education Refinance Loan

        You may be able to reduce your interest rate and lower monthly payments with our student loan refinancing and consolidation services. We offer fixed and variable refinance options, and do not charge any application, origination, or disbursement fees on our Education Refinance Loan.

        Doctor Loan Mortgage Program2

        This special mortgage program for physicians and dentists makes it easy to finance your home. The Citizens Bank Doctor Loan is available for purchases and limited cash?out refinances of primary residences and features:

        • Up to 95% financing
        • No mortgage insurance
        • A choice of fixed-rate or adjustable-rate mortgage

        Citizens Bank Wealth Management Services3

        Our Citizens Bank Wealth Management4 team can help you with wealth strategies that suit a variety of needs, from college savings to retirement income planning. Learn more about our range of products and services in the following areas:

        • Premier – Banking and lending solutions
        • Citizens Investment Services – Brokerage and insurance services
        • Private Wealth Management – Banking, lending, and asset management

        Our healthcare specialists are here for you.

        If you’d like to discuss your practice’s needs, schedule a consultation or call 1-800-4BUSINESS.

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        May We Suggest

        New to Citizens? Here are some of our most requested products and most popular areas of interest.